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Proof of Concept Showcase

The 3rd annual Proof of Concept Showcase (PoC) will be the centerpiece of the MEF16 Networking Hall and a highlight of the event. Following a formal submission process, the 29 companies in 14 participant groups shown below have been selected to showcase interactive demonstrations of new service & technology innovations that promise to reshape the communications landscape. The MEF16 Showcase will feature leading-edge implementations of agile/dynamic, assured, and orchestrated Third Network services with LSO, SDN, NFV, and CE 2.0 innovations. These demonstrations will be of great interest to service provider, enterprise, government, defense, media, and other attendees.

Showcase Hours

The Showcase will be available during the MEF16 Networking Hall open hours below.  Visit the stations for one-on-one discussions.

Monday, November 7th: 4:00pm - 8:00pm

Tuesday, November 8th: 1:00pm - 3:00pm and 5:30pm - 7:15pm

Wednesday, November 9th: 1:00pm - 3:00pm and 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Real-time QoS & QoE Visibility for Global-scale Services: CenturyLink has taken performance assurance — and the customer experience — to new levels with ubiquitous deployment of virtualized instrumentation that provide uniform service visibility across multi-continent networks. By employing a combination of in-memory visualization and big data analytics, with all-layer, per-second monitoring, CenturyLink and Accedian will show how operators can rapidly detect SLA-impacting issues across large-scale, multi-segment networks, correlate metrics to isolate root cause, and predict capacity constraints and QoS degradation before they impact their customers.

Enabling Customer-premise Cloud-based Services with Lifecycle Service Orchestration: This innovative PoC unifies the MEF’s LSO architecture with dynamic model-driven orchestration and application-aware performance visibility of CPE-cloud NFV –enabled networking capabilities including SD-WAN, virtual security services, along with MEF standardized end-to-end performance management.

These innovations are shown in the context of the Network-as-a-Service customer experience, assured and orchestrated, using an open software architecture leveraging best-in-class open vendor applications and open source. This PoC is championed by PCCW and supported by Oracle, InfoVista, Juniper and ADVA.

Zero-touch on-boarding of virtualized 10G CE services with intelligent service assurance: The showcase will demonstrate rapid, zero-touch on-boarding of cloud-based 10G Carrier Ethernet services over SDN-controlled NG-PON2 networks including proactive assurance of services with automated turn-up verification, intelligent SLA monitoring and programmable network modification.

LSO-enabled E-Line CE 2.0 Service Provisioning & TOSCA-based Orchestration with NFV Service Chaining in SDN Environments: This Third Network compliant PoC demonstrates full stack Presto NRP and TOSCA-based orchestration of an on-demand E-Line service including NFV function chaining. The activation is handled by a reference SDN OpenCS Packet WAN Presto controller and TOSCA-based orchestration framework. This showcase demonstrates an agile, dynamic, LSO-compliant activation framework built from open, standardized components.

Life Cycle Management Using Presto for Monitoring and Proactive Service Changes: The current MEF LSO specifications include a Presto API that describes a rich set of provisioning operations. Other aspects of the service lifecycle, such as in-life feedback are less well defined.

There is some exploratory work in MEF to look at how performance information can be polled across the Presto API. This Showcase expands on that thinking and treats the Presto API as a service level interface to a domain orchestrator. Rather than passing raw data back into the service orchestrator, we will examine how more meaningful operational notifications can be generated, sent and tracked. It will also show how this information can be used to implement continuous improvement in service orchestration by altering the operational process and re-applying this to the service.

This showcase highlights how service level notifications can be used to make pro-active decisions by a service provider to ensure that the services they have provisioned continue to perform against their SLA.


SDN-based CE 2.0 Compatible Services Packaged with Value-added Cloud/NFV Applications by Leveraging LSO Concepts:  Showcase represents a comprehensive orchestrated solution for Metro Networks that consists of two integrated parts – OpenFlow-based CE services in MAN and Carrier Grade OpenStack networking in NFV-enabled Telco PoP.

All of the integrated parts compose unified switching fabric that consists of physical [Metro Aggregation network, DC network fabric] and virtual SDN networks. It enables Service Provider to deliver customer traffic from Access network to NFV platform in Telco PoP and tightly integrate Metro aggregation network services with value added NFV or other Cloud services running in Data Centre.


Multi-vendor Service Orchestration Using Open APIs for Service Activation, Performance Monitoring and NFV:  Demonstrates the orchestration of performance management and Carrier Ethernet service activation across an SDN and NFV-enabled multi-vendor WAN. Conducted by CenturyLink in cooperation with Ciena, RAD, and Blue Planet, this PoC showcases the CenturyLink-led, open-source and multi-vendor initiative to develop APIs and Resource Adapters within the MEF LSO framework to automate the end-to-end delivery of agile, assured, and orchestrated Carrier Ethernet and NFV-based services.

A Day in the Life of a Service: Provisioning, Activating, Assuring and Troubleshooting: Cisco will demonstrate an integrated platform (Evolved Programmable Network Manager) that encompasses the LSO principles to provide a complete service lifecycle management for MEF CE2.0 and L3VPN services: service provisioning, service assurance, service activation testing and automation through standard and open programmable APIs


Automated delivery of dynamic, bandwidth-on-demand services via an orchestrated multi-carrier, multi-platform solution enabling cloud-based applications and connectivity:  This proof-of-concept (POC) will showcase how a standard MEF service with BOD (bandwidth –on-demand) requirement can be provisioned across multiple service/cloud providers using MEF LSO framework architecture. The idea is that multiple instances of LSOs, which can eventually be operated by even a 3rd party (e.g., an Aggregator or a Virtual Operator) and not necessarily by Service Providers themselves, will use standard Presto and Interlude APIs to provision BOD across the multiple service/cloud provider networks.

In this POC, ECI LSOs will provision a standard service (or eventually virtual network of services) across multi-vendor/layer domains (i.e., TCL, Comcast networks and Sparkle) through MEF compliant standard ENNIs. The team will demonstrate customer order initiation (via LSO service portal) and delivery of service in automatic , agile and orchestrated manner. The service quality will be verified using Viavi’s virtual test and performance(VNFs) monitoring capabilities.

Agile Service Orchestration for SDN/NFV and Legacy Network (Using OPEN-O Code Base and Complying to MEF LSO): Ethernet over SDH and Ethernet over IP (VxLAN) both co-exist in telecom world. Huawei CloudOpera is the first implementation of multi-vendor service orchestrator that can orchestrate service activation workflows in CE,SDN/NFV and legacy network. It provides combined service orchestration capability for hybrid networks. The solution implementation complies with Open-O architecture and OpenLSO data model.

On-demand MEF Service Creation and Control in Next Generation, SDN-enabled Packet-optical Networks Using Xceed: Demonstrates our vision of on-demand MEF service creation and control in next generation, SDN-enabled packet-optical networks. This showcase we will enable the user to provision dynamic MEF services through a web-based UI leveraging open APIs from an open source-based SDN controller to a scalable, flexible packet-optical transport network.


On-demand Orchestration of Multi-domain Services: Demonstrates a series of on-demand services built on software-driven orchestration architecture, that allows customers to dynamically control, scale, and change network and cloud-based resources through an on-line portal to support their business needs in the Third Network era.

Next Generation Application Aware Networking (AAN): In this proof of concept, Sandvine and MRV combine SDN and NFV principles to implement Application Aware Networking (AAN) services at the customer’s premises, using a CE2.0-based CPE with programmable flow table that hosts the AAN software required for application identification and prioritization as a VNF.



A Demonstration of Orchestrated Security-as-a-Service as a Value-added LSO Service: The PoC will showcase an actual functioning service provider installation of Wedge CND and the associated security VNFs to provide orchestrated Security-as-a-Service, on-demand from a Service Provider cloud.

In addition to demonstrating web access and application control, and conventional anti-spam and anti-malware services that will detect and block conventional threats, this demo will also showcase the ability for service providers to offer highly-advanced, detection and prevention of advance persistent threats that evade the conventional security systems currently available to SMBs and even many large enterprises.

For questions about the Proof of Concept Showcase, please contact Bruno Giguère, Director of Product Marketing, MEF, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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