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Dan Blemings

Director, Ethernet Product Management, AT&T

Dan is the leader of an industry-wide effort to create standardization models between Ethernet Service Providers so that AT&T and the industry can retire TDM, and transition to all Ethernet and IP Networks. Through the MEF, he is leading a working team comprised of contributors representing Ethernet Operators across North America.

Since joining AT&T as a member of its public relations team supporting education, Dan has held multiple roles including Managed Internet Service, and MPLS VPNs, where he created and launched AT&T’s best-selling MPLS product from 2002-2007. 

In 2007, Dan relocated from Bedminster, New Jersey to San Antonio, Texas to join the Brand and Advertising team where he helped AT&T launch its new advertising campaigns. AT&T was the North American leader in advertising spend that year, and one of Dan’s pieces went on to win an advertising award for creativity.

In 2008, Dan relocated to Dallas, Texas and shortly after was selected to lead the creation and execution of a portion of one of AT&T’s flagship projects “Business U-verse Fiber,” which brought U-verse to business locations at speeds up to 300Mbps.

In 2014, Dan joined the Ethernet Product team so that he could use his creativity to figure out a solution to one of the industry’s most daunting tasks – how to interconnect with other carriers using Ethernet. Dan’s new industry-wide Ethernet project is his biggest endeavor to date. 

Dan has received multiple awards from AT&T during his tenure, is frequently asked to meet with customers, and is sought after to participate in industry events. Dan specializes in the art of creating something “new.”

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