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Daniel Bar-Lev

Director, Certification and Strategic Programs, MEF

Since 2011, Daniel has been responsible for developing and expanding the MEF's very successful CE 2.0 Services and Equipment certification programs and the MEF-CECP Professionals Certification program. He oversees all aspects of the programs including new item development, development of new infrastructure capabilities, publication of reference materials, exam delivery, MEF Accredited Training Providers and MEF Subject Matter Experts. During his tenure, the MEF-CECP Community has grown from zero to over 3,400 certified professionals in 74 countries and 369 organization, as well as the CE 2.0 certification program that has grown from zero to over 70 certified service providers and equipment vendors around the globe.

In addition, Daniel works with the membership on developing and rolling out strategic programs such as UNITE, the Wholesale Ethernet Program and the Ethernet Meet Points Initiative, as well as leading the requirements and development program of the MEF's online CRM and collaboration platforms based on SalesForce and Atlassian Confluence.

In the last year, Daniel has also been the MEF's lead internal resource enabling the setup and expansion of OpenCloud Connect which now numbers 28 members from a new set of industry stakeholders that are defining standardized cloud services and cloud service interconnectivity.

Daniel has been involved specifically in the networking industry for over 20 years holding a variety of positions in RAD Data Communications, as well as co-founding Resolute Networks where he held executive positions and which he represented in the MEF, serving for 3 years as Global Marketing Co-Chair and being elected three times to the MEF Board of Directors.

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