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Principal Analyst, Carrier Networks, IHS/Infonetics 

Michael Howard co-founded market research firm Infonetics Research in 1990, and today is recognized worldwide as one of the industry’s leading experts in the areas of mobile backhaul, small cells, carrier Ethernet, IP routers, IP/MPLS control planes, IP VPNs, cloud access, SDNs, and 100GE packet-optical transport. An influential thinker, Michael is a frequent speaker at industry events and is regularly quoted in the press.

Before founding Infonetics, Michael was an IT Director at Tymshare/Tymnet, where he led the First Interstate Bank project that developed the world's first pre-Internet in-home banking system. Prior to that, shortly after receiving a BS in Mathematics from UC Berkeley, he worked for Systems Development Corporation on operating systems and programming language compilers for ARPAnet, which later became the Internet. In 2008, Michael co-authored the book, Carrier Ethernet: Extending Ethernet Beyond the LAN, which received 5 out of 5 stars on

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