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President & CEO, Accedian Networks

Patrick Ostiguy founded Accedian in 2004 and serves as President, Chief Executive Officer, and member of the Board of Directors. With over more than fifteen years of pernent telecom industry experience, Mr. Ostiguy is responsible for filing of several Patent Applications and has published dozens of industry conference proceedings and technology articles. 

Prior to founding Accedian, Mr. Ostiguy was co‐founder of Avantas Networks and launched the industry’s first portable Ethernet and SONET field‐services test‐set. Avantas was acquired for US$93M by EXFO Electro‐Optical Engineering and Mr. Ostiguy continued his role in product management and participated in several M&A activities at the executive level. Prior to Avantas, Mr. Ostiguy was part of the initial Positron Fiber Systems (PFS) team that commercialized the industry’s first Ethernet over SONET 

Multi‐Service Provisioning Platform (MSPP). PFS was acquired by Reltec in 1997 for $200M, and subsequently by Marconi. 

Mr. Ostiguy is the recipient of the 2011 Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in Quebec in the technology solutions category for recognition of his exceptional leadership in driving growth, development, and innovation in the industry. 

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