VP Aggregation, Transport, IP , Deutsche Telekom

Axel Clauberg has been involved with networking and computing since 1982. Axel holds a diploma in Physics from the University of Cologne. In 1983, he worked as a freelancing trainer on operating systems, networking, and systems programming for Digital Equipment Corporation. Axel led the networking department at the University of Cologne Computing Center from 1989 to 1998 and was one of the main drivers for the deployment of the Internet Protocol in the German research community.

In 1998, Axel joined Cisco Systems as a Consulting Engineer on Core IP technologies in the German team. In 2000, Axel moved to an international role in the Cisco EMEA Service Provider team and held various leadership roles. From 2005, Axel was part of the core team building the Emerging Markets sales organization for Cisco. His territory included Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Central/Eastern Europe and Russia. From 2008 to 2011, he acted as Sales CTO in Emerging Markets and had the responsibility for solutions development and deployment across all market segments. Axel also had the content responsibility for Cisco’s flagship events: Cisco Live and Cisco Networkers in Africa, Middle East, Europe and Latin America. He delivered event keynotes at various Cisco EXPO events around the globe.

Axel joined Deutsche Telekom AG in September 2011. He is responsible for a harmonized IP and Optical Architecture at the group level – this will be the foundation of all current and future products and services.

Axel is a passionate people, business, and technology leader, and believes in diversity (gender, geographic, etc.), trust, communication, and collaboration as keys for success.


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