Jeffrey Cohen

Azure Network Partner Program Manager, Microsoft

Jeffrey Cohen, Azure Network Partner Program Manager, Microsoft since 1990, oversees the company’s portfolio of Subsea, Terrestrial, Metro networks and technologies and the Azure Software Defined Networking (SDN) features to enable virtual networking in the cloud. For the last three years, Azure Networking has been integrating our SDN investments in central control plane, commodity hardware with the big iron that manages our global WAN – to develop a fungible, scalable Software WAN. Today this WAN (SWAN) carries over 1.5T of DC to DC traffic, and is growing rapidly to carry other types of traffic. Jeffrey previously led the Edge Computing Organization, where he was a driving force in the development of Microsoft’s content delivery and distributed computing network. Prior to Microsoft, he studied aeronautical engineering at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in 1985 and then mechanical engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology and California State University Northridge 1990. Jeffrey worked at Lockheed Georgia and Lockheed Rye Canyon as a Flight Test/Wind Tunnel Engineer.

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